Valentines Day

This year has been our first Valentines day together after 3 years of dating. Its not the easiest being on opposite sides of the world but we made it work. The bf took me on a shopping trip earlier this week and bought me a few things like the top I’m wearing in the pictures and this gorgeous Thomas Sabo bracelet and charm. I have been coveting one of these for the longest time, so it was just perfect. I didn’t get him anything quite as extravagant (waiting for his birthday for that -28th), but I ordered some red roses, homemade cupcakes and a pizza. Yes a pizza haha, I’m so romantic aren’t I? I called pizza hut to ask if they’d make a special valentines day pizza for me to which the lady with a strong asian accent said no. But my luck improved with dominoes, who made the perfect pizza with a heart in black olives (D’s fave). He had no idea and almost refused the delivery! I would have taken a picture but it was half eaten by the time I got home. We had a nice day enjoying each others company. I hope you have an awesome V day too!



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